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Keeping Your License and Maintaining Insurance Rates: The Benefits of Traffic School

Attending Traffic School to Keep Your License

A traffic violation can mean points being added to your driver’s record, which can result in a big spike in your insurance rates for the next few years and in some cases even a suspended license.

After you receive a traffic ticket, your choices are to fight the ticket, admit guilt and pay the fine, or attend traffic school if you are eligible. Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket in California could cause your insurance rates to go up, but in some cases, going to traffic to remove points from your driving record could save you some money in car insurance rates

If you want to just put the traffic ticket behind you and pay the fine, you can expect points depending on your violation to go on your record. If you’re eligible to attend traffic school, it can help you lessen the negative effects of a traffic violation and the demerit points and potential insurance hikes. If you received a traffic citation, contact the California traffic ticket attorneys at Fight My Ticket for a free consultation. Fill out the form or call us at 1-800-655-7505.

Who Is Eligible For Traffic School?

First, you should verify that taking traffic school is applicable in your case. Most states have requirements in regard to who can attend traffic school and how often they can attend it. In the state of California, you can only attend traffic school every 18 months. There are also certain instances that make you not eligible for traffic school. For example, in California you cannot attend traffic school if you were cited for any of the following offenses:

  • Equipment offenses
  • Alcohol or drug-related offenses
  • A violation that requires a court appearance
  • A misdemeanor
  • A non-moving violation
  • A commercial vehicle violation

The Main Benefits Of Attending Traffic School

Attending traffic school does not absolve you from having to pay the fine for your violation. It’s also worth noting that in California points are not removed from your record if you attend traffic school. They are hidden from your public record, which helps your insurance company from seeing them, but they are still listed on your DMV record.

The two main benefits of attending traffic school are:

  • Insurance Rates: receiving a traffic ticket often results in increased insurance rates. Completing traffic school helps to keep your rates where they are.
  • Keeping Your License: California has a point system which means that getting a certain amount of points on your record equals in the suspension of your license. Traffic school helps you avoid that.

What Happens In Traffic School?

Typically, a DMV-approved traffic school consists of different lessons about road safety and traffic laws. You may be taught defensive driving, how to handle emergencies and information on alcohol-impaired driving. At the end of traffic school, you will be given a final exam, which you have to successfully pass in order to complete the course. You then need to notify the state that you have completed the course by providing them with your certificate of completion.

Contact The California Traffic Ticket Attorneys At Fight My Ticket

Keeping your DMV record clean of points is very important if you want to avoid paying higher insurance rates or in some cases, if you want to avoid having your license suspended or revoked due to too many points. Although you have to pay for traffic school, the cost is usually worth ensuring that you’re not going to lose your license. 

We suggest that if you plan on contesting your ticket you do not attend traffic school until your case is resolved. If you win your case you will not need to attend. If you received a traffic citation and you want to contest your ticket, contact the California traffic ticket attorneys at Fight My Ticket. Fill out the form or call us at 1-800-655-7505.

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