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    Suspended License Defenses

    How We Can Help

    At Fight My Ticket, we’ll help you fight your ticket and do our best to prevent you from paying fines, facing jail time or getting points on your driving record. For anyone who’s just gotten a ticket and is wondering how to fight it, our practical, easy-to-follow guides will walk you through everything you need to know to fight your ticket. 

    For more information on what to expect when you get a suspended license, and what the possible penalties and defenses are, check out our guides below:

    Suspended License? Your Guide to a DMV Hearing

    Suspended License? Your Guide to a DMV Hearing

    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is an agency that grants drivers their driver’s license so that they can operate their vehicles legally, it is also the agency that can take their license away by suspending or revoking it.

    Your Guide to the California Points System

    Your Guide to the California Points System

    California uses a point system that determines who is a safe and who is a high-risk driver. It’s important to know what offenses equal in points and what happens when you receive points to your driver’s license.

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