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Misdemeanor Hit-and-Run: What to Do

When you’re involved in a car accident you are required by law to stop your vehicle and exchange personal information with the other party. If you fail to do so, and there is property damage involved, you can be charged with a hit and run under Vehicle Code 20002.

Felony Hit-and-Run: What to Do

Being involved in a vehicle collision that causes human injury is a serious crime known as felony hit and run. Serious car accidents can be terrifying, and some people deal with the stress of the situation by simply fleeing the scene.

What to do if you get an ELD violation

Millions of people depend on truck drivers to deliver important goods across the country every single day. Since truck drivers have to spend long stretches of time on the road, it is important for them to be able to account for how many hours they are working, for their own safety but also for the safety of other motorists on the road. This is vital in order to ensure that the driver will not succumb to driver’s fatigue, which can often be a contributing factor in a truck accident.

The Commercial Driver’s Guide to HazMat Violations

Truck drivers have to follow numerous strict regulations on the road if they want to avoid getting a ticket or the possibility of jail time. This is especially pertinent to drivers who are in charge of transporting hazardous materials.

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