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What to do if you get a texting and driving ticket in California

We are living in an age that requires us to operate a large percentage of our lives via a small electronic device in our hand: our cell phone. We constantly check social media, respond to important work emails, text with friends, watch YouTube videos and listen to music on Spotify—and we do it all on our phone.

Texting And Driving

But once we get behind the wheel of a car in California, doing all those activities becomes not only prohibited but also very dangerous. However, there are circumstances under which the use of a cellphone while driving is simply necessary. There are also instances where you are abiding by the law, but get wrongly ticketed. If you receive a ticket for texting and driving in California contact the California traffic ticket attorneys at Fight My Ticket to discuss your options. Fill out the form or call today: 1-800 655-7505

What Are California Cell Phone Laws?

Different states abide by different laws when it comes to using your phone while driving. Under California law, as stated in California Vehicle Code Section 23123, 23123.5, 23124 and 23125, it is illegal to drive while using a cell phone or any other electronic device while holding it in your hand.

You can get ticketed for the following:

  • Using a handheld phone.
  • Using a hands-free phone with ear buds that go into both of your ears, thus potentially preventing you from being able to hear emergency vehicles.
  • Being under 18-years-old and using a phone under any circumstances while driving a car, even with a hands-free system.

In the state of California you are only allowed to use your phone while driving if you are over 18-years-old and if you are using it with a hands-free system.

If you do not have a hands-free system, you are only allowed to use your phone while driving on a private property or while placing an emergency call to law enforcement or a similar emergency service.

Texting Violations In California Can Be Contested

It would be difficult to find someone in California who doesn’t own a cellphone. Unfortunately, it can often be tempting to use cellphones while driving. You can’t always avoid using a cellphone when inside your vehicle. There are legal ways to use your phone with hands-free technology, but what happens when your cell phone use while driving results in a traffic ticket?

Most people don’t realize that texting violations can be contested. However, your best shot at getting your ticket dismissed is having a qualified traffic ticket attorney serving California on your side. 

Do Texting Violations Affect Your Driving Record?

Texting and cell phone violations do not add points to your California driving record. But they do affect your wallet, especially if you have more than one. If you believe you received a citation wrongfully, then it is within your rights to contest it. 

Traffic tickets are issued in error all the time. Don’t succumb to your circumstances simply because you think you have to. If you believe you were given a texting ticket erroneously, let us contest it on your behalf.

Misconceptions About Texting While Driving In California

There are many misconceptions about texting tickets. Many people assume that officers are only allowed to give them out if they’ve committed another driving infraction that got them pulled over. That is incorrect. An officer can ticket you just for texting and driving. In fact, they can even give you a ticket for texting on your phone while you’re waiting at a red light.

Contact California’s Fight My Ticket Attorneys To Contest Your Texting Ticket

The California traffic ticket attorneys at Fight My Ticket can assist you in fighting your traffic infraction ticket. There are different angles of defense to fight against a cell phone ticket violation. For example, if you were forced to use your phone for an emergency situation, you might have a good case for not having to pay your ticket. We will help you figure out your best defense once we know the circumstances surrounding your ticket.

Contact the California traffic ticket attorneys at Fight My Ticket today for a free consultation. Fill out the form or call us at 1-800-655-7505.

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