What to do if you get a lane violation citation

In California trucks are subject to lane restrictions in order to keep highways safe and to keep traffic moving smoothly. Because there are few truck-only lanes in existence, trucks and passenger cars have to share the road. It can be quite stressful for a passenger car to navigate the highway with large trucks on the road, not to mention dangerous. This is why California has some pretty strict regulations when it comes to which lanes trucks are allowed to use.

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California Truck-Only Lanes

Truck-only lanes exist to separate trucks from other vehicles in order to increase safety and help with traffic flow. Unfortunately, truck-only lanes are not very common in the United States and most states simply restrict trucks to specific lanes. 

While California has a few truck-only lanes under construction, at the moment there are just two truck-only lanes available:

  • Northbound and southbound 1-5 in LA County at the State Route 14 split. 
  • Southbound I-5 in Kern County at the State Route 99 junction.

Lane Restrictions for Trucks

Trucks have to use lanes designated by signs and if there is no designated lane, they have to use the right-hand lane. Trucks can also use the second-to-right-hand lane if there are four or more lanes. In order to pass, a truck must use a designated lane, second-to-right lane, or right lane.

When there is a large disparity of speed on highways, accidents are more likely to happen. Heavier vehicles travel at lower speeds, and if they are in the wrong lane cars are forced to slow down or change lanes in order to avoid them, thus increasing the risk for accidents. Because California has a large number of trucks traveling its highways, the state has pretty strict lane restrictions regarding trucks. In California it is illegal for trucks to drive on the left-hand lane. Trucks must remain in the right-hand lane or the second right-hand lane when on a highway with four lanes.

Lane restrictions apply to the following:

  • Truck, SUV, pickup or car towing a boat trailer, camper, or moving trailer.
  • A rental vehicle towing a trailer.
  • A van or bus towing a trailer.
  • A motor home (RV) towing a trailer.
  • Any vehicle towing another vehicle.
  • Any vehicle towing a fifth wheel, pull of semi-trailer.

Lane Violation Penalties

Lane violation tickets for failing to comply with California Vehicle Code 22348 can result in a fine of up to $250. 

Contact Los Angeles Traffic Attorneys To Keep Your CDL

Lane violations are extremely common, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Commercial truck drivers depend on their license in order to perform their job. Failure to use the designated traffic lanes can result in a 1.5 DMV point to your driving record. If you are a commercial driver license holder, you understand the importance of keeping your record clean. Too many points can result in the loss of your job and prevent you from finding employment in the future. 

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