The Commercial Driver’s Guide to HazMat Violations

Truck drivers have to follow numerous strict regulations on the road if they want to avoid getting a ticket or the possibility of jail time. This is especially pertinent to drivers who are in charge of transporting hazardous materials.

Hauling of hazardous materials, also known as HazMat, is heavily regulated in the state of California. These rules are in place in order to protect everyone from what could occur if a collision or other misfortune took place with a truck that’s carrying possibly toxic material. If you received a ticket for a HazMat violation fill out the form or call us at 1-800-655-7505.

The Transport of Hazardous Materials

Trucks that haul hazardous materials are regulated by federal, state and local agencies. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is in charge of safe hazardous material transportation. A private truck owner or a trucking company needs to have a hazardous materials transportation license issued by the California Highway Patrol. This license has to be inside of the vehicle at all times. A HazMat registration is also necessary. The trucker needs to pass a test and various training in order to be qualified for hazardous material hauling. The company has to possess and properly maintain logs of training sessions in hazardous material hauling and what to do in case of a security issue.

Common Hazmat Violations

Hazardous materials consist of products that are potentially harmful to human health and safety. They include products such as flammable liquids, explosives, different types of gas, as well as solids. Penalties for violations range, but right now the maximum civil penalty for violating federal hazardous material transportation law is $75,000. If you add any type of injury or death into the equation, the result can be the complete bankruptcy of a company. 

While many imagine a horrendous toxic disaster as a prelude to a hazmat ticket, they are usually not that dramatic. The most common HazMat tickets tend to be for improperly secured packages (violation code 177.834A)

There are different violations when it comes to HazMat hauling, from using the wrong container to improperly packaging the load. Here are other HazMat violations:

  • A load that is not properly secured
  • Inaccurate or missing HazMat product descriptions
  • Inaccurate or missing labels on packaging or containers 
  • No US DOT HazMat registration number
  • Missing or not visible placards
  • Does not have shipping papers
  • Missing emergency response data 
  • Expired or missing HazMat tank inspection
  • Invalid or missing route maps

Staying HazMat compliant is the safest way to avoid getting cited for a HazMat violation. 

Contact A Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Transporting HazMat material can be very dangerous when done improperly, which is why HazMat regulation violations are taken very seriously. But the regulations are also frequently changing and evolving, and it’s possible that you might not be up to date and end up receiving a citation for it. If so, it’s crucial that you contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help you. There’s a lot at stake when dealing with a HazMat violation. Not only can a violation end up costing you your license, but it can be a huge financial hit for your company. If you received a ticket for a HazMat violation, you need to contact a traffic ticket attorney at once. 

We have experience representing drivers who are facing HazMat violations. We don’t want you to have to go to court and miss out on your working hours. Let us help you with your case and make sure that you avoid jail, get your fines minimized and keep your record clean. Fill out the form or call us at 1-800-655-7505.

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